Top 10 Reasons to Study in Canada

Look no further if you’re looking for an international location to pursue your education and launch a career. These are the top 10 reasons why you should study in Canada.

1. Why study in Canada? It’s possible to work in Canada, that’s the best

Some countries don’t allow international students to work, while others may restrict their acceptance of international students to certain areas or fields. Not Canada. Canada is a country where you can learn as you go, which allows you to save money and gain valuable work experience. Find out more about studying while working in Canada.

2. Lower tuition fees

While international students will pay more for the same course than Canadians, the course would be more expensive in other countries, such as Australia, the United States or the United Kingdom. You can also see point 1 above. Not only are you earning less, but you also pay less in Canada.

3. There are half a million people who can help you and offer advice

You are not the only one. Canada is home to more than half a billion international students. Each one has a story. They will be everywhere you go, and they can relate to your every-day worries because they have experienced the same issues.

4. You will get a high-quality education

There are many reasons to study in Canada. But let’s not forget the fundamentals: Canadian universities and colleges produce highly skilled graduates. These well-funded, internationally-renowned institutions attract top professors and offer courses tailored to a changing economy. Your course will make you smarter than ever (difficulty believing, but true) and prepare you to launch your Canadian career. This is what I meant. . .

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5. Canadian workers are available to you

The US and UK could learn from Canada, instead of dumping international graduates out or making it very difficult for them to stay. What does a work permit for post-graduation valid for up three years sound like to you? Let’s make this work permit valid for up to three years. It allows you to work in Canada at any employer and anywhere you want. This also allows you to switch employers and gain more valuable work experience which you can use to your Canadian permanent residence application. Kudos, Canada.

6. Canada is an option for you to immigrate

What is permanent residence? It’s the right for you to reside and work in Canada while also enjoying all of Canada’s social and health benefits. Canada is looking for international students and graduates. Canada’s Express Entry immigration program offers bonus points for people who have Canadian work and study experience. By now, you should have both. There is also a greater emphasis on your language skills, which you have acquired over the years, and your age. You probably still have decades of your career to go if you don’t retire early. If Express Entry is not for you, Canada’s provincial nominee programs offer pathways to permanent residence.

7. Bring your family!

Let’s look back. You’ve made great strides, from graduation to permanent residence. This is a perk, and it’s one of the main reasons you should study in Canada right this moment: your spouse/common-law partner can come with you on an Open Work Permit, and your children, if they have them, will be allowed to attend any of Canada’s public elementary and secondary schools without requiring a study permit.

8. Travel is possible

Six time zones, snow piles, miles of sandy beaches, diverse cities, and many more are available to you. While you are here, take the chance to visit Canada. You might even be tempted to stay.

9. Relax!

Canadians are well-known for their relaxed attitude towards almost everything. It is a place where people can meet up for coffee and share a meal or drink with their friends after a hard day of work. Recently, marijuana was legalized in Canada. No one will judge you for doing what you want. You are free to be who you are.

10. Canadian citizenship is possible

Canada has made it easy for students and graduates to work, as well as made it easier for workers and graduates to move to permanent residence. Now it is even easier for PR holders to become Canadian citizens. You can join the Canadian family to allow you to travel and visit as many times as you like without having to renew your PR. It also allows you the opportunity to apply for a Canadian passport, which is one of the most valuable in the entire world. You can find out more.

You’ve now read the top 10 reasons why Canada is a great place to study. What are you waiting for?!