the asynchronous, scriptable, web API
game mechanics engine
Engage your players, add functionality, drive replay
Tools to help them play longer, share like crazy and buy more
Friends & Messaging
Engage players by creating social circles to keep players interacting, sharing and communicating. Send messages, items, gifts and tokens.
Quests Builder
Shape player behavior by creating missions, jobs, tasks, actions with detailed requirements, costs and rewards.
Payment channels
Drive revenue with Facebook Credits, Apple iOS IAP, Google Wallet and SuperRewards integrations, or even plug in your own!
Items & Gifts economy
Create and manage your in-game economy, powered by a full featured shop, currency and gifting system.
Badges & Leaderboards
A little competition to spice things up. Increase engagement through status mechanics, sort and match players, and award "shareable" achievements.
Scripting Engine
Unleash your creativity with limitless possibilities by writing your own custom logic. Events, challenges, timed mechanics, you name it.
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Roar Engine is provided as a source code license, and runs on Ubuntu Server 12.04 64bit. The available licenses are:
  • Single License - $495
    One unique game, on as many servers as needed.
  • Unlimited License - $4,990
    Any number of games, on any number of servers.
Note: Purchasing a Roar license gives you access via Github to the source code. You will need to setup an account with Github to complete this process (free).
Please read through our license terms.
Documentation Overviews, concepts, guides
Installation guide Walkthrough for setting up Roar
Configuration files Guides to each XML config file