About International Experience Canada – IEC

International Experience Canada (IEC), which is open to Canadian citizens aged 18-35, offers the possibility to travel and work abroad. IEC offers you the opportunity to obtain a visa or work permit to travel and work in over 30 countries and territories.

Participating in IEC will allow you to:

  • Get valuable work experience abroad and advance your career
  • Make lifelong connections to Canada and strengthen Canada’s position in the global workforce
  • You can travel the world and discover your strengths while also finding your inspiration

To make it easier for Canadian youths to travel and work abroad, we have agreements with more than 30 countries and territories. All agreements are reciprocal. It’s easier for youth from these territories and countries to travel and work in Canada.

To legally work in foreign countries, you will need a work permit. You must apply for a work permit in order to legally work abroad.

Work permits, according to IEC agreements, are generally:

  • It’s easier to get
  • Flexible
  • Less expensive
  • Permits for work are processed faster than other types

You may be eligible to travel and work abroad for up 2 years depending on where you live.

Plan your trip

IEC offers you the chance to travel and work abroad, but it is up to you to make it happen.

Once you have decided where and how you want to work, you can apply for a work permit and find a job. Then, plan your trip. Learn how to get started!

Looking for help with planning? You might find help from one of the IEC-recognized organizations (ROs).

Most ROs charge fees for their services.

Tip: If you can’t find International Experience Canada or IEC in the country or territory where you are interested, It’s what it is called in Canada. However, our partner countries or territories may refer to it under a different name. These terms can be found under “youth mobility” and “working holiday”.

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